Veteran upset his U.S. Army cap made overseas

PHOENIX - You'd think if you're buying something like a hat or a t-shirt from the United States military the product would be made here in the USA.

But that's not always the case.

That's what Retired Army Officer Peter Hollister found when he ordered a hat from the Army & Air Force Exchange website .

"There is a section of the website for retired military gear, and sure enough this cap was in that," said Hollister.

The Exchange is a store where military members and their families can buy lower priced, tax-free items.

He got exactly what he ordered, except for one thing.

"It was made in China," said Hollister.

Yep. A U.S. Army cap, purchased on a U.S. Army website, made nowhere near the U.S.

"That's what bothered me the most: I wasn't buying it at some knock off place, I paid $29.95 for it," said Hollister.

Not to mention he thought the armed forces had a rule against using clothing made in other countries.

It does. The policy is called the Berry Amendment , and it has a lot of exceptions. 

The law generally applies to Department of Defense funded soldier uniforms, food and supplies, not Exchange items.

A spokesman says:

"The exchange supports U.S.Made products. However, in order to maintain our assortments, sometimes we must partner with overseas vendors. China still enjoys a favored nation" status in U.S. Trade agreements."

Whatever the reason Hollister thinks it's just wrong. "It's like buying an American flag made in China."

It can be tough to figure out where items really are made, but here are some resources to help you.

ABC News Made In America Resource Guide

Federal Trade Commission Made In USA Standard

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