Valley woman watches undelivered package travel coast to coast

You might mail fewer letters these days. But you probably still count on the Postal Service to deliver important documents.
And they're expected to be delivered in a timely manner.
That's not what happened with Imogen Jones' delivery.
Imogen lives in England. She's been in the Valley visiting her dad and wants to stay here.
She needs her birth certificate to start that process. So, Imogen had it sent from England.
She says she was told it would take 5 days.
After 10 days, Imogen started making calls.
She first contacted England's mail service, Royal Mail. But apparently, there was a problem when the package got to the U.S.
Imogen says she called but, "they didn't give me any information."
She had paid extra to track the package and decided to take a look.
Imogen says she couldn't believe what she found.when she saw where her birth certificate had been.
"It's had quite a journey."
The tracking log shows the package went from England to Los Angeles, then to New York, back to Los Angeles and so on.
Her birth certificate went back and forth across the country 6 times!
Now, Imogen was worried about identity theft if her birth certificate ended up in the wrong hands.
So, she let me know about it.
We went right to the United States Postal Service. And they went right to work.
Ten days later, Imogen got a personal delivery.
It was her birth certificate, in her hands, about two months after it was sent.
Imogen says "I definitely couldn't have been able to do it without you. Thank you."
The Postal Service didn't tell us what happened. 
They did say "we appreciate the customer's patience while this item mailed from overseas was delayed and we apologize for any inconvenience." 
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