Valley woman stuck wtih medical bills when insurer won't pay

A lot of us have stories about medical bills and how we had to fight with our health insurer to get them paid.

But Nancy Melman's story is different.

About five years ago, doctors discovered she had breast cancer.

Nancy went to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix for treatment. She underwent radiation and had other costly procedures.

Nancy says she was so sick, she didn't realize what her insurer was really doing.

"Unbeknownst to me, the insurance company I picked didn't pay anything," she says.

Her insurer, American Community Mutual Insurance, later went out of business.

Then Nancy discovered a second breast cancer.

At this point, she was no longer at Mayo Clinic, and had a new insurer. But those bills from the first cancer were still there.

She says she paid at least $50 a month for about four years towards the debt.

But even after Mayo took off part of what was owed, she still had a balance of $8,900. And she was having a very hard time keeping up.

"It really wasn't my fault that the insurer went bankrupt. It's not Mayo's fault either," Nancy says.

So Nancy let me know. 

We called Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. We told them about Nancy's story, her insurance company going under, and all of the bills.

Mayo said they'd look into it. And they did more than that.

Mayo wiped away Nancy's entire balance of nearly $9,000.

She could now continue to recover without that worry.

"It was like a hundred thousand pounds was lifted from my back and shoulders. I could breathe," she says.

Because of patient confidentiality, Mayo Clinic says they cannot comment further.

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