Valley woman has trouble cashing in on prepaid auto detail service

PHOENIX - When it comes to keeping her van up, Vanita Payne doesn't mess around.

"Taking care of my vehicle takes care of me," said Payne.

So when Superstar Car Wash in Phoenix offered a special on auto detailing, she says she couldn't pass it up.

She'd pay now and get cards to swipe when she was ready for the detailing.

But when she tried to do it weeks later, she says they told her that a car with a California license plate had already redeemed it.

The problem is, Vanita has an Arizona license plate.

And according to wording on their invoice, the business' policy is that the license plate on the receipt-- is the only vehicle allowed to use the service.

"I don't know what kind of car redeemed it, but I know it wasn't this van," said Payne.

Vanita says she went to the manager. He referred her to the corporate office, but she says no one ever called her back.

"When I make an agreement with someone, I expect them to honor it," said Payne.

So she let me know.

It took them a while to get back to us too. But once they did, a spokesman for Superstar Car Wash had a number of reasons for what happened.

Including that there was a mix-up and that Vanita may have received the wrong card..

Whatever the reason, they did agree to give Vanita all her money back.

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