Valley man overpays DIRECTV by 100 times the amount owed

A lot of us use our bank's online bill pay to pay our monthly bills.

Fred Matteson of Phoenix does it. And he had no issues, until this past summer.

Fred was paying his DIRECTV bill that should have been $98.99 a month.

But Fred mistakenly paid 100 times that amount. Yes, he paid nearly $10,000.

He says, "It's a big deal. But I'm not going crazy because I feel like I just call and they will rectify the situation."

Right. Of course a company as big as DIRECTV will return the money quickly.

Fred says he forwarded what the company wanted and got assurances it would be taken care of.

"They said they would send another check. That never happened."

Actually they did send Fred a check. But he says it was a copy of the check the bank sent to DIRECTV with the mistaken amount.

There was no refund. Fred says he talked with supervisors and managers.

He says he had to start over with every customer service call.

Nearly two months later, he let me know.

We contacted DIRECTV and Fred says he immediately got a call from the office of the companies' president.

Fred says he sent them information again. Two days later, he had the full amount back in his account.

Thanks to DIRECTV for admitting it took a while and taking care of Fred.

My guess is overpayments happen fairly often.

One of the reasons for a DIRECTV refund says "The check was made out for a much larger amount than was due."


"Though we did not have sufficient information to verify the payment, which caused the initial delay, once Mr. Matteson provided his bank account number we were able to have the bank return the funds to his account.  Our verification process is in place to protect our customers, but it clearly should not have taken as long as it did and we apologize for the inconvenience this caused Mr. Matteson."
Fred double checked his bill pays and found the error. You should do the same.

If it's a small overpayment, you might not even catch it in your monthly bill.

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