Valley Grandmother still awaiting delivery months after move

PHOENIX - Earlier this year Barbara Crowe relocated to Arizona from Florida to be closer to daughter and grandchildren.

She packed up her home and hired a moving company with a name she thought she could trust.

"Ryder has been an old name. It's been around for a long time," said Barbara.

But the company she hired wasn't the truck rental company we would all assume, given the name. It was actually Pompano Beach, Florida based Ryder Moving and Storage.

The name is so similar, that the familiar truck rental company sued Ryder Moving and Storage for using their name illegally.

But the company's name is the least of Barbara's problems with them.

In August she found a home in Arizona, called the movers and asked that they send her things.

Weeks passed, then months.

The Sun City woman says she called, sent emails and text messages but rarely got in touch with anyone. When she did, she says she could never get any idea of when her things would arrive.

Finally, a shipment made it to her house--with half her things missing. From tables and chairs to pots and pans. But it's the irreplaceable things that hurt the most.

"I don't have my mother's glasses," said Barbara. "And she had a little glass luncheon set, it was called years and years ago."

That's when she let me know.

After some digging we found the Florida Attorney General is investigating 25 complaints about the company.

We also discovered that the  U.S. Department of Transportation has opened an investigation into them.

Our sister station WPTV in West Palm Beach, Florida has been tracking the company since September.

They actually followed one customer around as she searched for her belongings.

Eventually she found her stuff sitting in a Florida storage unit.

But Barbara had hoped that Ryder Moving and Storage would deliver her belongings.

Because after we got involved, company owner Josh Socher sent her emails.

Socher admitted that he did have her stuff, promising that he would get her things to her.

He even set a date and time that he would call her to let her know when everything would be shipped out. That was November 6.

Barbara is still waiting for that call.

Meanwhile, the USDOT says it has revoked the company's interstate operating license and fined them $50,000.

They are also trying to locate the belongings of Barbara and several other consumers whose things the company has not delivered.

If you are planning a move--especially out of state, be sure to check out the website .

It is run by the USDOT, and is a good resource to identify moving scams, and check for any violations a company may have.

You should also check the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures for valuable information if you are hiring for a move within Arizona.

Let me know about your consumer issues by email or by "Liking" my LetJoeKnow Facebook page  and telling me about it there.

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