Valley grandmother buys car but can't get title

Charlsie Bader wanted to surprise her granddaughter with a car.

She says granddaughter Ashleigh was a war vet who came back from Afghanistan and was now an excelling student.

So, she went to Power Fiat North Phoenix and bought a used Jeep Cherokee.

She liked the car and says the salespeople were nice. But, weeks later, she couldn't get the title to the car.

Weeks turned to months and Charlsie says "every time I get in touch with them, they're always very nice.... but nothing ever gets resolved."

She says she was given three sets of temporary plates, but no real reason for the title delay.

Without the title, Charlsie says she can't transfer ownership to Ashleigh.

"It's just sitting in my garage. It's not doing my granddaughter any good."

So Charlsie let me know about it.

While the dealer ownership stayed the same, the name changed from Power to Autonation Fiat North Phoenix.

When we contacted them, they promised to find out what was happening.

But three weeks after my first contact, we still weren't getting answers.

And Charlsie says it's the same thing that happened to her.

So we took Charlsie to the dealer and went in with our cameras trying to get an answer in person.

They asked us to leave, and we did.

My photographer and I waited on a sidewalk near the dealership while Charlsie was inside trying to work something out.

When Charlsie came out, she says she was told there was a problem with the car's previous owner in Washington State.

But this time, the dealer set a deadline. Charlsie says they told her if they couldn't meet that deadline, they would buy the car back.

That didn't happen, because two weeks later, Charlsie got the title in the mail.

And in the parking lot just outside the ABC15 studios, Charlsie finally gave Ashleigh her car with the title and registration in Ashleigh's name.

She told her granddaughter, "we are so proud of you ... but that doesn't mean I won't give you a hard time periodically.

And she told me the albatross around her neck, was finally gone.

"Thank you Joe. Thirty days from the day I contacted you, I got it. I'm very happy."

Before you buy a used car, make sure the seller's name is on the title.

It's best to do a title transfer at an MVD office. That way you can know if there are any liens on the title that you may be required to pay before getting it in your name.

Here's a recent story I wrote about the changing title process.

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