Two security breaches may put your personal information at risk

The ABC15 Investigators are warning you about two new security breaches that involve customer's personal information.

Nationwide Insurance

The first breach involves Nationwide Insurance. The company said Social Security numbers, possibly even driver's license numbers and dates of birth were stolen.

More than one million people may have been affected.

And, even if you just received a rate quote for the insurance, you could be affected too. That's because of the personal information you entered in order to get the most accurate quote.

Nationwide said it is not aware of its information being misused.

Sprechman and Associates

You may have also received a letter from the Florida law firm Sprechman and Associates.

One Phoenix woman got a letter that stated her personal information might have been viewed by a former employee of the firm.

The letter states a former employee "may have performed unauthorized searches on you. Your name, address, date of birth, driver's license and Social Security numbers" could have been viewed.

A lawyer for the firm said they've heard from law enforcement that some of the information may have been used to file fraudulent tax returns.

The law firm said it is not aware of anyone's information being misused. The firm said it sent letters out in an "abundance of caution."

Learn more about the Sprechman and Associates security concern here .

What to do:

Obviously, to protect yourself, give out as little personal information as you can.

And check your credit report constantly for fraudulent entries. You can do that three times a year for free, once with each agency.

Go to for those free reports.

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