Try the flute next time you want to get rid of telemarketers

When you first meet Evert Fruitman, you can't help but smile at his stories.

At his core, the Valley man is a performer.

And these days, unsuspecting telemarketers are his audience.

He's on the "Do Not Call" list, but telemarketers won't stop calling his house.

"I don't like them because I don't trust them. They are not supposed to call. They're breaking the law so that means I can believe everything they're telling me? I don't think so," Fruitman tells me.

So he's fighting back, with an unusual weapon.

"I hit someone with a little "Ode to Joy". About 15-20 measures into it, I got a dial tone," Fruitman said.

He recorded the telemarketer conversations.

He played one for us where he tells the telemarketer he's had up to 10 calls about the same thing and warned them not to call  back. Before the telemarketer can respond, he starts in with "Ode to Joy." Dial tone follows.

At times, he can sound upset, like when he called one person a "liar." Another time he said "you're breaking the law. Now get lost."

And if the flute doesn't work, Fruitman grabs the phone, pushes the star button repeatedly and says he has some background in Morse code.

"Somebody said that pushing the star key can knock it out of the computer. Whether it does or not, it leaves them a message. Goodbye, go away," said Fruitman.

I asked Fruitman why he doesn't just hang up on the callers when he sees a number he doesn't recognize. He says he doesn't want to pay extra for caller ID. So he has to listen to them first, then act.

While Fruitman won't say it, you can see the satisfaction in his face when his tactics work and the telemarketers hang up.

If only they wouldn't call back.

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