Toyota acceleration settlement doesn't leave much for victims

Toyota has finally settled with the government over its unintended acceleration case.
The problem has been blamed for accidents and deaths.
That settlement won't mean money for victims.
But some victims thought a class action lawsuit settlement would bring them some monetary relief.
Well, Ernestine Montgomery says it hasn't happened.
Montgomery remembers that accident in 2006 when she was driving her Toyota Camry.
"I pulled up to a space and the car did not stop when I put my feet on the brakes, like the accelerator was still on. It just jumped up into the wall."
She says it caused nearly $4,000 in damage.
Montgomery is one of the plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit involving sudden acceleration. She was waiting for the payment.
"I'm ecstatic that they are finally settling the case. But what they are giving the people especially me I felt is unjust," she said.
When Montgomery says she went to the official settlement website, "they're only offering me $195, and I don't feel that is justice after everything I have been through."
Montgomery says she had to pay for 2 weeks of a rental car, and her insurance rates went up.
Her attorney says Toyota never determined that sudden acceleration was the reason her Camry crashed.
And since she did not file for injuries, she can only claim economic loss.
"I thought I was going to get at least more money for a car or something out of it," Montgomery said.
Most money in class action settlements seems to go to attorneys and not individual victims.
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