Telemarketers calling your cell? Joe Lets You Know how they get your number

Telemarketers have always been able to interrupt your dinner when they feel like trying to sell you a magazine subscription or a new insurance policy.

But, now, telemarketers have managed to track you down on your cell phone, too.

You've let me know for years how annoying it is. It's also almost always illegal .

So, how are they're getting your number in the first place? And what can we all do to stop them?


I did some research and, it turns out, your information is worth a lot. Telemarketers buy it.

According to Business Insider , there are hundreds of data providers who gather your information to sell to people who, then, turn around and try to sell you something!

To get your information, they'll track your purchases online, deliveries to you, warranty cards you've returned, and more.

So, protect your information.


· Anytime you enter a contest or drawing, you're giving out your contact information. Try using an alternate email address for things like this.

· How often do you get calls asking you to donate to a charity? Charities often hire third-party telemarketing companies to make those calls – and that means they get your contact information, too. Ask to be removed from future telemarketing activities when you talk to them.

· Think twice about applying for credit – especially for store credit cards that will get you a 15% discount the day of your purchase. The credit agencies will give out your information, according to Techlicious .

· Do you have a flashlight app or a lot of games downloaded on your smartphone? Techlicious also reports that apps like that are really after your personal information. So, next time you download an app, actually read the Terms of Use. You might be agreeing to give them access to your contact information – so they can sell it.

· Sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry . It won't stop the calls entirely, but I have seen the government go after more and more telemarketers that are brought to their attention.

Have you found a good way to block telemarketers on your cell? Let me know at or by going to my  "Let Joe Know" Facebook page.

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