Scammers pose as government asking for back tax payments

So you filed your taxes by Tuesday's deadline, and now you're waiting for that refund?
Not so fast. Scammers are eyeing more of your money.
It started with a phone call to Martin Lemmink.
The caller said he was from the government.
"He gave me a name and stated that he was from the US Treasury and that there were some issues with some taxes," Martin says.
He says the caller demanded immediate payment for back taxes.
Martin wasn't sure if it was for real, so he did the right thing.
He hung up and then did an internet search on it.
So, when the person called back "I said I had discovered through some investigation that this is a scam."
The IRS says it may be the biggest tax phone scam yet.
They are threatening calls claiming you need to pay back taxes, or face arrest.
"We wouldn't call anyone for financial or personal information over the phone or demand immediate payment of a tax due," says Jennifer Jenkins with the IRS.
But, the IRS says more than 20 thousand people reported receiving the calls.
It estimates victims have paid more than a million dollars in the last year to scammers.
Martin wasn't one of them.
The IRS will send a written notice of any tax due through the mail. 
And again, they won't ask for payment information by phone. 
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