Target of an ABC15 Investigation arrested on multiple charges including fraud

PHOENIX - From his million dollar Paradise Valley home, to a hanger of private planes, and even a gig as a professional driver; Peter Workum was living the high life.

But that ended recently, when Police arrested Workum and charged him with fraud.

The ABC 15 Investigators exposed Workum's alleged business practices in February.

At that time, he was accused of leaving his workers unpaid, while he repeatedly used the bankruptcy system.

Workum denied those accusations and said, "I've made a number of investments, things happen, some work out, some don't."

He pled not guilty to the current charges brought by the Arizona Attorney General's Office.

Those charges include counts of theft, forgery, money laundering, mortgage fraud, and fraudulent schemes and artifices.

The current charges involve a complicated scheme where Workum allegedly forged documents in order to take out a $220,000 loan on a house that wasn't his.

Workum posted a $10,000 bond. He faces between four and a half years and 23 years in prison.

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