Sun City businesses duped by counterfeit bills: What you need to look out for

Sun City, AZ - Do you know how to tell a real $100 bill from a fake one?

Some small businesses in Sun City are finding out the hard way.

A couple of businesses along Bell Rd believe they were hit by the same guy who paid with counterfeit money.

Doug Kepler, who manages the New England Clock Shop says the man bought a watch.

"We gave the guy change back from the $100,  over $87 dollars worth of change, that's what hurts me," said manager Doug Kepler.

Erica Doyle owns The Sewin' Asylum right down the street from the clock shop. She says the same man bought scissors from her.

"I ran the marker over the bill and it indicated it was real," said Doyle.

Then she took it to the bank.

"They said you have a $5 bill that has been bleached and reprinted to be a $100 bill and I was crushed," said Doyle.

Once the bank confiscates the money, there is no way to get it back.

The Secret Service investigates counterfeit money. They saying knowing how real money feels and looks will help keep you safe.

Markers can't detect a bleached bill. Instead, hold it up to the light and check for water marks and indentations. See what they look like here .

And when in doubt don't take the money.

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