Sprint, Duracell and Mini Cooper customers could be due some money back

If you're a Sprint Wireless customer, you may be eligible for some credits.
It's because of a class action lawsuit settlement over allegations involving improperly disclosing or charging certain surcharges.
Scott Hardy, with TopClassActions.com says "some of these may not have been necessary."
Sprint admits no wrongdoing in this case.
You could get credits that include a 30 percent discount on accessories
Find out claim deadlines and if you qualify for the Sprint Wireless class action settlement.
Do you drive a Mini Copper hardtop or convertible? Did you have transmission trouble not covered by the warranty?
"So many of those drivers had a faulty transmission right after that warranty period closed," Hardy says. 
And those owners could have paid thousands for those transmission repairs.
Well, the class action suits allege BMW, the automaker, failed to disclose that certain vehicles had these issues.
If you leased or owned a 2002-2008 model, you may be able to get that repair money back.
BMW admits no wrongdoing in this settlement.
Find out claim deadlines and if you qualify for the Mini Cooper class action settlement.
Finally, we all have batteries lying around the house.
If they are certain Duracell batteries, you could get up to $12 back because of statements the company allegedly made about how long the batteries last.
Those claims came under fire and Duracell agreed to settle a class action lawsuit without admitting any guilt.
Find out if you qualify for the Duracell class action settlement.
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