Some Playstation 4 owners complain about 'blue light of death'

Joseph Jones waited in line for hours on Black Friday to buy the new Playstation 4.

He got the system home, installed the hardware, and turned it on.

But instead of a picture on the television screen, he got a flashing blue light on the PS4 console.

Gamers online are calling it "the blue light of death."

At first Jones says, he was told to check the HDMI cord.

When that didn't work he called Sony tech support for guidance.

"She said 'it is defective, please mail it back to us within 21 business days, give me your address.' But before I could confirm my address I got disconnected," Jones said.

Sony says that less than one percent of PS4 systems have problems.

And that some may have been damaged during shipping.

Jones did not want to wait three weeks for a new gaming system, so he went back to the store and bought a replacement.

That one works fine.

So what if your PS4 flashes the dreaded blue light?

Sony has put together a number of technical fixes on its PS4 forum you should try before taking it back.

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