Solution to fuzzy phone line worse than problem itself

When a Valley man had constant static on his phone line, he called the company.
Their solution- run a temporary phone line through his yard.
A nuisance, but Herman Voth says it was supposed to be there just 30 days.
"You could put up with anything for 30 days,"  Herman says.
Well, you guessed it. Thirty days came and went and the phone line was still there.
Now, you have to see this phone line to know what kind of nuisance it really is.
It starts in a box on the side of Herman's East Valley home.
Then it moves across his front yard, next to his sidewalk and across his driveway.
There must be more than 100 feet of phone line. And it is not tight to the ground..
It can be pulled about a foot high, which makes for a serious tripping hazard.
That's something his wife learned recently.
"She tripped, fell against the car, and ended bruising her arm up," Herman says.
Herman says he called AT&T repeatedly.
He says he got assurances, and someone did come out, but there was no action.
After 9 months of dealing with it, Herman let me know about it.
We contacted AT&T.
They were apologetic. Workers did eventually come out and the cable was finally buried.
Problem solved.
In an email, AT&T says: "We apologize for the delayed removal of the cable left on Mr.Voth's property. We appreciate ABC bringing this issue to our attention."
And I'm glad AT&T took responsibility and repairs were made, even though they were made late.
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