Security breaches causing tax refund delays?

Valley woman says her refund is weeks overdue

SUN CITY, AZ - Every day for the past couple of months, Ferris Whitfield has been checking the IRS website for the status of her income tax refund.

She and her husband filed back in January. They expected their income tax refund within the standard 21 days.

But at the end of February, they got a letter from the IRS asking for additional identity verification.

So she gave them a call.

Ferris says the rep blamed the refund delay on her husband's information being part of some security breach.

Since they are Target shoppers, and her husband attended Phoenix College 30 years ago, that information came as no surprise because of the recent breaches within the store and Maricopa County Community College systems.

But here's what she didn't know, "He said it would be flagged for three years," said Whitfield. "Next year when I do the 2014 taxes, they will be issuing an ID pin number."

While Ferris says she did get the verification straightened out, she may not get her refund for another eight weeks.

We tried to get more information about the delay from the IRS. They say they can't comment to us about any security issues involving an individual.

So we don't know exactly what happened in this situation. But has this tax issue happened to you? If so, let me know about it here .

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