Scanning errors found at chain stores

Do you check your receipts after a trip to the store? If not, you should.
Mistakes happen and while the price on the shelf may say one thing, it can be a different price on the receipt.
Our sister station took hidden cameras into several chain stores to test pricing.
At one of them, eight percent of the items bought were scanned incorrectly.
A box of Frosted Flakes was $1.69 on the shelf, but $1.79 on the receipt.
This rice was had a sticker price of 69 cents. The receipt showed 79 cents.
At an office supply store, 10% of the items rang up with an incorrect price.
An iPhone speaker was tagged at $3, but rang up as $4.
The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures makes it easy to check pricing errors.
They inspect when they get a complaint and list findings on their website.
We chose two large chain stores, Target and Walmart.
A check of Valley inspections this year finds a minimal number of violations found.
The majority of inspections ended at or near 100% compliance.
Most of the mistakes are passed off as sloppiness, not deliberate deception. 
But it's important you check all your receipts.
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