Generic, brand-name prescription drug prices on the rise: How to save on pharmacy costs

If you routinely buy the same prescription medicines, you know prices are going up, even for the generic version.

Five years ago, the popular high cholesterol drug Lipitor cost around $127. Now, we found it costs close to $237.

The osteoporosis treatment Boniva used to cost around $119, but now the price comes in closer to $240.

But even some generic prices have skyrocketed.

Take Nystatin, a generic rash medication. It tripled in price over the last five years.

And another generic anti-inflammatory, Oxaprozin, rose 5,000 percent, from $6.50 to $293.

Even if you don't pay out of pocket, you'll likely get hit with the fees through your insurance costs.

So how do you save money?

  • Call your pharmacists, they might be able to get your doctor to switch to a cheaper alternative.
  • Make sure to contact the pharmaceutical company directly. They may offer 30-day free trials or a small discount on the price for a limited time.

While some generic prices have gone up, they're still a better deal.

We found the generic Lipitor can save you $88. And the generic Singulair can cost you $51 less.

See how much 10 popular prescription drug prices have gone up and when the generic equivalent is available.

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