Rental car companies agree to stop renting cars with unrepaired safety recalls

We expect our rental cars to be safe.

But the ABC15 Investigators found there has been no legislation forcing the rental car companies to fix safety repairs, before allowing them out on the road.

That is changing. The major rental car companies have agreed to not allow cars with unrepaired safety recalls to be rented or sold.

The agreement happened as new legislation is proposed that would put rental cars under federal oversight on recalls for the first time.

But the ABC15 Investigators found the same thing is not true of used car dealers.

Last year, we told you about a San Tan Valley family. Their 2001 car spontaneously caught fire outside their house.

The owners later found there was a unrepaired safety recall that could have caused the fire.

We found the same car and model, with the same unrepaired recall, available for sale at two Valley used car lots.

There is no law that requires used car safety recalls be repaired before being sold.

You can see our original ABC15 investigation here .

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