Rare tax deductions could save you money

If you haven't filed your taxes yet, how about deducting your weight loss plan?

The ABC15 Investigators found some surprising deductions you may not have thought about.

Wouldn't it be great if while you're getting thinner, your wallet grew? Well, while you can't write off your gym, the the Wall Street Journal says maybe that program you're dutifully following to lose weight, is deductible.

The deduction would come under medical expenses. BUT, it it has to be very specific and related to a doctor diagnosed condition. And, you have to meet the medical expense threshold.

How about getting a tax deduction for your girlfriend or boyfriend? Sounds crazy, but, some tax experts say it's one of their most asked questions.

And in some cases, the Journal says you can claim them as a dependent.

To do that, or claim any non-relative, rules say they would have to live in your home for the tax year, make less than $3,800 during that time, and you'd have to give them most of their financial support.

Okay, so you don't qualify for the weight loss or the girlfriend tax help. Did you look for a job last year?

If so, part of your transportation, food and lodging, resume printing expenses can be deductible, even if you didn't get a new job.

How about charitable expenses? Any transportation, baking or any expenses you had doing charitable work, can be a deduction.

Did you travel for medical or dental care? You can deduct transportation, including lodging. But again, you have to have a certain amount of medical expenses in order for them to help your tax picture.

Here's what the IRS states about tax deductions .

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