Quiz: Test your knowledge about the foods you buy

So how much do you know about where you spend your money? Take our short quiz and find out. The answers are on the next page.
A lot of us spend more for organic foods.
1. So, if a product is sold as organic, what percentage of its ingredients have to be certified organic?
A) 75%
B) 95%
C) 100%
Here are the rules: Products sold, labeled, or represented as organic must have at least 95 percent certified organic content. 
Products sold, labeled, or represented as "made with" organic must have at least 70 percent certified organic content. The USDA organic seal may not be used on these products.
Products containing less than 70 percent organic content may identify specific ingredients as organic in the ingredients list. 
2. Food can legally be sold past its expiration date?
A) True
B) False
That's right. None of those "expired by", "use by" or "best before" dates are required by the government.
So, food can be sold past the date, except for infant formula.
But still, check the dates and check the product thoroughly if it has expired.
3. If a renter is past due with their payment, how long before the landlord can terminate the agreement?
A) 5 days
B) One week
C) Two weeks
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1. B - 95%
2. A) True
3. A - 5 days


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