Quiz: Test your consumer knowledge about charitable giving

So you think you're a knowledgeable consumer?

What do you know about charitable giving or protected investments?

How about testing your knowledge by answering a couple of questions.

It's just a short quiz because I know if it's too long, you won't even try. The answers are on the next page...

Question 1:

Charities have to give what percentage of donations to their cause?

-80 percent
-50 percent
-There is no requirement

Question 2:

Which investments are not insured by the government?

-Checking account
-Mutual funds
-Savings account

Before giving any money to any charity, make sure you check out that charity.

If you get a call from a charity and they want your credit card number, ask for information to be sent to you before giving.

You want to see how much the charity gives to the cause and how much they keep for their own salaries, fundraising and expenses.

Charitywatch,  GuideStar,  Charity Navigator and BBB Wise Giving Alliance can all help you with your search for a reputable charity.

E-mail me if you need help with any consumer issue, or "like" my Let Joe Know Facebook page and tell me about it there.

Quiz answers on the next page

Quiz Answers:

1. There is no requirement

2. Mutual funds


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