Questionable invoices being sent to Valley mailboxes concerning magazine subscriptions

Take a close look the next time you open your mail.

I'm getting complaints about letters that appear to be bills. One of them has to do with a magazine subscription.

The problem is, the person never ordered the magazine.

She says, "I just glanced at it and was about to put it by my checkbook to pay, when I took a closer look. This looks so legit at first glance, I wonder how many folks pay it in a rush."

She didn't fall for it, but I did some research, and other people did bite.

The business is Associated Publishers Network out of Henderson, Nevada. The Better Business Bureau gives it a D-, and many complaints concern billing.

I contacted the business Wednesday and they had no comment about the viewer's concern.

With this one, if you look closely, it does say renewal offer, not a bill.

So take this as a warning. I hope you pass it on to parents, grandparents or anyone you know may just pay bills without really checking them out first. Don't forget -- read everything thoroughly.

That includes credit card bills that could have bogus charges for something you never ordered.

Email me with any scam or something you want investigated. You can also tell me about it on my ABC15 Facebook page.

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