Problems with LG and Kenmore refrigerators and Crayola Color Bubbles could mean money for you

They're colorful. They're fun. And they are supposed to be washable.

But a class action lawsuit involving Crayola Color Bubbles claims that they were not as washable as claimed.

Scott Hardy with says complaints state the bubbles stained furniture and other items.

The ABC15 Investigators bought several containers and could see that there are warnings the bubbles should not be used inside.

Crayola did not admit any wrongdoing. But if you bought the bubbles and had staining damage, you could get a refund for the damage.

Another class action suit settlement involves refrigerators.

Do you ever wonder if the light goes out when you close the doors?

This suit claims that lights in some LG and Kenmore refrigerators did not go out.

Hardy says in some cases, that led to the bulb melting the cover around the light.

Neither company admitted any wrongdoing. But if you had the same problem, and you have damage receipts, you can be reimbursed by the companies.

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