Predictions for top scams in 2013 include website manipulation and smartphone attacks

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Scammers are now able to hit so many people, so fast, from so far away, it seems nearly impossible to track them down and stop them.

That's clear in the employment, text and money scams I saw so much of this year.

You can expect the same next year.

The Better Business Bureau says a big 2013 scam to avoid involves hackers bumping illegitimate scam websites to the top of search engines so you'll click on them.

So, if you're unsure, don't click.

And then there will be the malicious attacks on your smartphone.

They will offer employment opportunities. Scammers are really looking to steal your phones information. Security codes and malware protection are a must to protect yourself.

Also expect online employment scams to continue.

Scammers might want you to send money to buy equipment for your new job.

Buying scams should also be big. You sell something, scammers send more than the asking price and ask for the rest to be sent back. Your check is good, theirs is bad.
If you follow these 3 steps, it should save you a lot of grief next year:
-never wire money to someone you don't know
-never click on or respond to a text, e-mail or call from an unknown source
-never hire anyone or send money anywhere until you've checked licenses, online reputations and even then, think twice.
 Have a great, scam free new year!

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