Phishing scams target Netflix, Verizon customers

Phony websites and numbers look real

PHOENIX - Scammers are finding new ways to get you to fall for old scams.

The Windows tech support scam has been around for years. The one we are used to, involves a fake Microsoft tech calling you and saying your computer has been hacked so you need to let them fix it remotely.

After you give them access, they've either taken control of your computer or stolen all of your personal info from the hard drive.

In this latest version, a phony Netflix webpage pops up urging you to contact a customer support line because of "unusual activity."

But the number is not for Netflix. And the information that you give the phony tech support rep is exactly what they need to get into your computer and steal your information.

A rep with Netflix says the scam website has been shut down.

Verizon customers should also be aware of a scam that the Better Business Bureau says tricks phone caller ID's to display a real Verizon Wireless tech support number. The number leaves a message that says you've received a $54 reward, and you should go to a website to claim it.

Both are phishing scams, and both are a reminder never to click on unknown links, and to be suspicious of anyone calling you about an issue with a business.

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