Phishing scams rev up as tax deadline approaches

Report any suspicious emails to IRS

With the tax filing deadline less than two weeks away, the Internal Revenue Service warns that thieves are hoping to scare you into giving up your personal information.

This scam is an email with words you never want to hear, "your reported 2013 income is flagged."

It goes on to say that you need to "contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service for resolution assistance” to avoid delays in processing.

The Tax Advocate Service is a legitimate IRS agency. But the email is not.

The links inside the email take you to a website that asks for personal information, and has no affiliation with IRS.

Another scam to look out for is also an email.

But this one makes a simple demand, "you are to update your IRS e-file immediately."  

This one has you click on a fake IRS website too.

The IRS tells me, they never initiate contact with taxpayers through email, or any other social media.

My advice, as always:

- Don't respond or click on links from unfamiliar emails
- Call the IRS directly to verify whether or not your return has an issue
- Make sure to forward questionable emails to the official IRS email

Here are tips on other ways to avoid being scammed this tax season.

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