Ordering online can be risky; lowest price may not be best value

PHOENIX - Whether it's electronics, appliances or clothes, shopping online can be tricky.

Because the lowest price, doesn't always mean the best value.

It's something Dorothea Taylor learned the hard way.

She ordered her daughter's prom dress from Lovingdresses.com.

"I saw that the price was really marked down, so I was like that's phenomenal, its a 700 dollar dress!" said Taylor.

She could hardly believe she'd only have to pay $169.

The dress was supposed to take a few weeks to be delivered.

Taylor says the dress never came.

Turns out Lovingdress.com is based in China. The company did not respond to email.

Courtney Brewer thought she'd hit the jackpot too, when she found discounted dresses from a different online business.

"They had a whole lot of different dresses," said Brewer. "Cute models, cute styles, the website looked very legitimate."

Turns out this business is also based in China. And while Courtney got the dress, it wasn't anything like she ordered.

"The color is not at all what I wanted. It's tangy and cheap looking, if a color can look cheap."

Both companies listed great prices, different styles, you can even pick the color.

What we couldn't find posted was a location or a local working number in case something goes wrong with the order.

One of the companies does have an of country customer service number.

An internet search shows a lot of complaints, but also a few satisfied reviews so the bottom line is to be careful.

Look beyond just the lowest price. What if you need an exchange or refund? How difficult is it to get a hold of the business? It's a good idea to check that out, before you order.

If you need help or need to warn others about a consumer problem or scam, let me know at joe@abc15.com or by going to my  "Let Joe Know" Facebook page.

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