Online scammers target job seekers with a new scam

It's a company you've heard of and it's paying an hourly rate you can't ignore.

But the ABC15 Investigators say it is far too good to be true.

A lot of us, like Lorayne of Phoenix, use the internet to get resumes to the most people. That includes the wrong people.

A person contacted Lorayne saying she was from the big insurer, Aetna. She wanted to hire Lorayne for at home intake work. They pay was $25 an hour.

That unusually high pay should have been Lorayne's first red flag. But but the anonymity of the internet and a person desperate for a job can be a dangerous combination.

I've seen usually savvy people missing obvious warning signs they are about to be scammed.

The person hiring says Lorayne needed a computer and other equipment. She asked Lorayne to send $550 for the shipping costs. She would then be reimbursed.

Two more big red flags that something is wrong, but since Lorayne got assurances and needed the job, she spent the money. She was told to wire it.

Whenever you're asked to wire money from someone you don't know, it's a huge red flag.

Well, the new boss wasn't done. She told Lorayne that she also needed tracking equipment for her hours. That would cost another $500 to ship. Lorayne sent that money, too.

And it went even further. There was apparently a shipping error. The equipment was sent to the wrong location. And yes, the boss needed more money. Lorayne sent $700 more.

She questioned many of the requests for money. But each time, she got assurances she would get that back in a big check.

Now, I spent time with Lorayne going through her story. She is an intelligent and thoughtful person.

But she admits now, that she got wrapped up in wanting the high paying job, and not stopping to think seriously about each of the moves she was asked to make.

She came to the ABC15 Investigators to help others avoid the same problem.

In the end, Lorayne did get a check for $2,300. That too was a scam. It was a bad check and put her bank account even further in the hole.

These scammers are hard to find, but they need to be caught.

Law enforcement doesn't seem to have the time to take these on and track them down. The scammers are usually hiding in other countries.

While money transfer (wiring) companies offer warnings, they are not stopping the abuses by people using their services to scam.

You may think this doesn't happen to many people, but it does. I see it every day.

Contact friends or family members. Make sure they know the warning signs. The best way to stop this, is to keep people from spending the money.

Email me with any scam you see, or "like" my ABC15 Facebook page and tell me about it there.

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