Nutella and Blue Rhino class action settlements could mean money for you

If you like a popular breakfast spread or do a lot of outside barbecuing, you could claim some money.

The ABC15 Investigators found the makers of the two popular products have settled class action lawsuits against them.

One suit alleges Nutella, the hazelnut spread, falsely advertised it was healthier than it is.

Nutella settled the suit without claiming any wrongdoing.

If you have proof you bought Nutella during a certain time period, you could claim up to $20. has all of the information about how to file a Nutella claim.

It's been great barbecue weather in the Valley, so a lot of people may have been buying cylinders of Blue Rhino propane.

It usually involves exchanging one cylinder for another.

A class action lawsuit alleges the company changed how much propane it was putting in the cylinders, and the suit claims Blue Rhino didn't let customers know that they were getting a lesser amount.

Blue Rhino admitted no wrongdoing.

The settlement could mean up to $150 if you have the proof you paid it for the propane.

Here's the information about the Blue Rhino class action settlement and how to file.

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