Free Consumer Action Handbook can help save you money

PHOENIX - Okay so it's not exactly beach reading.

But the 2014 Consumer Action Handbook is a pretty cool resource to have around when you need it. It's updated yearly and released by the General Services Administration, a federal agency.

With topics ranging from buying a car, to what to do if you get stranded on cruise ship, chances are it covers something that you need to know.

It answers questions about extended warranties and what you're entitled to when your flight is canceled

It even shows how you can tell if that expensive chicken you just bought is really organic. According to the guide, if the scanner code "starts with a 4, then the food was grown conventionally, if it starts with a 9, it was grown organically."

Dozens of corporate numbers are listed too. From Pizza Hut to Publisher's Clearing House--businesses and government agency's information are in there as well.

But my favorite sections are all about saving money and protecting identities. The handbook suggests an added security layer when logging into online accounts called, two-factor authentication. It's triggered after entering the username and password as you normally would, then you receive a call or text with a new code, every time you log in.

That extra step might be a pain, but if you've ever had an account hacked or your identity taken, it's worth it.

You can order a copy here . Or download a copy here .

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