Mesa HOA homeowners oust board amid allegations of misspending

A Mesa Homeowners' Association (HOA) succeeded in ousting its 3-person board in a recall election following allegations of misspending by their board.

Kathleen Daurio and other homeowners from Superstition Lakes Condominiums had uncovered what they call questionable reimbursements made to board President Michael Cassady – for products, restaurants, even alcohol.

They found nearly $40,000 in the last two years was reimbursed from HOA funds to Cassady.

After trying to vote the board out with a petition signed by more than 40 homeowners, one of them decided to take the board to court. Daurio was one of the witnesses called to the stand.

In front of the judge, Cassady and his lawyer fought the allegations and explained many of the reimbursements. But, they continued to deny my request for an interview.

When the ABC15 Investigators tracked him down outside the courthouse after the hearing, Cassady wouldn't say anything about the allegations against him.

But, during that hearing, the judge ordered the HOA to hold a special meeting to reconsider the petition to oust the board. They held the recall election, and the board was recalled.

The final count showed they were voted out by a nearly 2-1 margin. There were 67 homeowners who voted in favor of a recall and only 36 who were against it, according to the HOA's property management company, Metro Property Services.

"Homeowners are at a disadvantage," Daurio said. "Associations have the purse strings, so when you want to fight them, it's nearly impossible!"

After the recall, Daurio said homeowners will have a chance to vote for a new board for the first time in nine years.

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