Loan terms change after Valley man signs agreement

His air conditioning system was 17 years old, so Gerry Vawter thought it was about time to buy new equipment for his Gilbert home.
He found a company called Zero Energy, and a salesman who offered a good loan deal.
"He's like 'yeah we can do 18 months same as cash,'" Gerry recalls.
So he decided to spend about $23,000 and signed the contract. 
The Zero Energy contract does show only one payment would be made after 18 months.
Gerry says it's the reason he decided to make the purchase because "that would give us a year and a half to come up with the money or do something else."
But that's not how it worked out.
Gerry says the lender, GreenSky, first sent a statement showing 12 months, not 18 months. 
He complained.
Then he says the loan changed to 18 months no interest, but he had to make payments.
Remember, his agreement was no payment for a year and a half.
So Gerry let me know.
Zero Energy in Arizona says "the mistake did fall 100% on Zero Energy's shoulders."

"This was the very first time Zero attempted to sign a customer up for the 18 month loan from Green Sky and prior to that we had only used the 12 month no interest, no payment loan. What we did not understand is that the 18 month loan was not the same as the 12 month loan and that it was only a no interest loan that required principal payments each month."
While Zero Energy did try to solve the issue, they could not.
So I contacted the lender, GreenSky, and they acted quickly.
Gerry says "they wanted to make things right and offered us a new loan deal."
And GreenSky did that. The company actually re-wrote Gerry's loan. 
He now won't have to make a payment until March of 2015.
That's longer than what he agreed to in the first place.
In an e-mail, Green Sky says "Thank you for reaching out to us for comment. Because of privacy regulations, it is our policy not to comment on our customers. GreenSky is deeply committed to providing superior customer service and we stand by our products and services. We are very happy to hear your report that Mr. Vawter is satisfied with GreenSky’s resolution of his situation.
So, even though it wasn't their mistake, GreenSky stepped up and made Gerry a happy man.
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