Lisa Wynn, Executive Director of the Arizona Medical Board, fired at meeting

PHOENIX - There's been a major shakeup involving the board that protects us against bad doctors.

The Executive Director of the Arizona Medical Board was fired after a lengthy investigation claiming she broke more than a dozen state laws.

With a handshake and a ‘thank you' Lisa Wynn left the Arizona Medical Board offices for what's possibly the last time.

Board members dismissed Wynn as the board's Executive Director on Saturday.

"The agency needs to be trusted by the public and I'm concerned we lost that trust... because of what happened," said Medical Board Chair Dr. Gordi Khera.

Khera was talking about a scathing report saying the board and Wynn broke numerous state laws.

The report by the state's Ombudsman Citizen's Aide says a faster licensing process for physicians left out crucial background checks, like verifying board certifications and past graduate training – checks that are required by law.

In February, the ABC Investigators talked with Eric Evans and Linda Scorzo who both said they were fired after speaking out about the potential dangers.

"To me it's a matter of time before someone is harmed," Scorzo said.

We also spoke with Wynn in February who said, "We were in the process of eliminating steps that weren't necessary anymore."

Wynn said she broke no laws, that the faster licensing was efficient and didn't hurt anyone.

At Saturday's meeting she defended herself.

"I've been transparent. I've worked closely with board leadership. I've taken direction. I've passed that direction clearly to staff," Wynn said.

But in a 5-4 vote, board members dismissed her, effective immediately.

Wynn's attorney Tim Nelson said Wynn was disappointed and didn't believe she was given an opportunity to defend herself vigorously.

During the meeting Wynn said she would accept any decision made by the board.

And she said she never disciplined any employee for disagreeing with her or speaking out.

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