Let Joe Know: Three steps could help you avoid many scams

If you see the emails I see everyday, you'd probably start to question every money-spending decision you make.
That's a good thing.

Every day, I read emails with the subjects: grandparents scam, HOA's, wedding scams, Jamaica scam, wife got bullied.

That last one might be interesting.

While I get a wide variety of complaints, I find many could be prevented by taking three steps before spending anything:

1. Investigate every businesses' reputation thoroughly online through complaints and licensing sites,
2. Get everything in writing and never accept a verbal agreement,
3. Don't wire money to anyone you don't know, ever.

Those should help you prevent many consumer troubles. They won't solve all of them. But I can help you with the rest.

And you don't always see the people we help. Kim emailed about getting telemarketing calls at work. We led her through a way to stop them.

But, I'm also finding some of you like to help me!

Like John. I call him the grammar cop. He helps me a lot by pointing out mistakes I like to call "typos."

Thanks John, I do appreciate it.

And while the vast majority of my stories involving math have no issues, Gerald managed to point out the one that did.

 "I suggest you investigate your 5th grade math teacher next. $500 x $400 does not $20,000 make," he recently wrote.  

He's right. There's a missing zero. But his smile face at the end took the sting out of it.

If you need help or need to warn others about a consumer problem or scam, let me know at joe@abc15.com or by going to my  "Let Joe Know" Facebook page.


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