Let Joe Know returns lost wedding video to couples months after videography company shuts down

Newlyweds from across the country are letting Joe know they need help finding their lost wedding videos after a Phoenix-based wedding media company shut down with no notice.

Now, the Let Joe Know team has gathered hundreds of hours of that lost video and is trying to return it to the couples who paid for it.


Cory Hoekstra and his wife, Elis, were married in February. But, for months afterward, they had to try to track down their wedding video after Urbane Wedding Company abruptly shut its doors earlier this summer.

That ended when we knocked on their door, laptop in hand. "Oh, wow!" Cory said when we showed him the video we had queued up on our laptop. It was video of his recent wedding, and he couldn't have been happier to see it.


Our investigation found Urbane Wedding Company's website and phone are down. The office is abandoned, and the owner of the company at the time, Chad Koerber, is nowhere to be found.

After they shut down, hundreds of couples were left searching for their wedding videos and others were left with no videographers on their wedding days.

We talked to several Valley brides who were left in the lurch by Urbane.

"You pay all this money and put all of this time into it, and we have no video to show for it," one of those brides, Kristina Coyle, said.

We made an on-air plea for anyone connected to the company to come forward if they had any of the lost wedding videos – and some did.

Now, we have raw video of about 170 weddings from across the country.

We only have last names and some wedding dates to go by, but we're working to match couples with their videos.


The Hoekstra's say, since the day we surprised them with their video, they've gone through it over and over again.

"The biggest thing, to me, is I'm able to put the DVD in and see my husband say his vows to me," Elis said. "It's an amazing feeling, and I enjoy watching it every single day."

"Especially 10 or 15 years from now, God willing, we have kids, we can show them our wedding day," Cory said. "That's pretty special to us."

We do not have all of the missing video. We only have what was brought to us.

So, if you hired Urbane Wedding Company and didn't get your video, click the link on this page and fill in the form.

We will get back to you if we can help.

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