Let Joe Know: Local businesses come to the rescue of Phoenix couple after car accident

Esther and John Rosenberger have lived in Phoenix for decades.

John Rosenberger is a disabled veteran who was injured in Vietnam. He was honored with a Purple Heart for his service there.

The couple relies heavily on their van for doctor's appointments and for everyday needs.

But earlier this year, John's wife Esther made a wrong turn while driving their van along 7th Avenue in Phoenix. She steered the car onto the light rail tracks.

No one was injured, but the accident meant the car had to be towed to a lot far away from their house.

Esther says she was a "nervous wreck" after the accident and didn't know where the van had been towed.

"We couldn't go anywhere," she said. "It was just a horrible experience to go through."

By the time they say they found out where their van was, the towing bill had ballooned to more than $1,000.

They were getting desperate, so they let me know about it.

The van was towed by All City Towing , which handles police tows in that area of Phoenix and many other Valley cities.

All City Towing General Manager Jeff Dunn said they had been waiting to hear what the couple wanted to do with the van.

He said the van had been stored on the lot for 50 days and the bill was more than $1,400.

Dunn says All City prides themselves on treating people professionally and with care.

But, when I told him about the Rosenberger's situation, Dunn agreed to help.

"The extenuating circumstances in this were so compelling and so convincing to us we needed to do whatever we could," he said. "If you can't take care of the people who protected and served us in the military, who can you take care of?"

All City Towing forgave the entire $1,400 bill.

They also voluntarily towed the van to its next stop, Community Tire Pros and Automotive Repair .

Two of the van's tires had been damaged in the accident.

When we told Community Tire owner Howard Fleischmann about the Rosenberger's situation, he and wife Patty wanted to help.

Fleischmann said the first thing he noticed was the "Purple Heart" license plate on the couple's van.

His team inspected the van and noticed that, while two tires were damaged, the other two tires were very old.

So, Community Tire replaced all four van tires for no cost. They also replaced a damaged mirror and fixed the van's air conditioning for the couple. And they did all of it for free.

"So many times we forget the people who protect us," Fleischmann said. "Community Tire will never forget that."

In a note, the team that worked on the van wrote: "This work is a small 'Thank You' for the appreciation for all you have done for our country and all of us."

When Esther arrived to pick up the van, she could hardly believe all that had been done - and that she finally had the van back.

"They have been wonderful," she said. "It means so much to my husband and myself."

I'd like to add my thanks to All City Towing and Community Tire Pros for coming through to help the Rosenbergers when they needed it most.

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