Let Joe Know: Airline ticket offer sent to Valley homeowners

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How about two airline tickets to anywhere in the United States?

A lot of you Let Joe Know you're getting these in the mail.

Some think it's a scam, but at a time when airline ticket prices are increasing, many others hope it's for real.

The letters say, "You have qualified for an award of 2 round trip airline tickets. The retail value is up to $1,350."

Viewers noticed it says "US Airlines". Well, there's no such company. It's US Airways, and the company is not part of this.

The letter also states if they don't hear from you, "We may need to issue the ticket vouchers to an alternate."

So what is this?

I called the number listed from one of the letters sent to a viewer and then to me.

It turns out that this is a sales pitch for a travel company.

You actually have to go in and listen to a full sales presentation--they want you to join some travel club. Now, I haven't been to this one, but I have been to similar presentations. They can take hours!

There's also a concern about what you'd really get at the end. I've seen complaints about different businesses where you get vouchers with very strict rules and restrictions about when they can be used.

I also received another email that looks like just a plain old scam.

It's supposedly an American Airlines ticket that you bought. It asks you to click so you can download and take a look at the specifics.

If you get this one, DON'T click.

I tried, but the ABC15 security features wouldn't let me download it, saying it was too risky.

So when you see the words "winner", "award" or "free" in unsolicited emails or letters, know it's none of that. My advice? Don't click, don't call, don't answer.

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