Let Joe Know: 6 class-action settlements that could mean extra money for you

Have you ever bought something and found it didn't do what the company claimed it would? 
Well now, you can fight back and make some easy money doing it.
I'm talking about class-action lawsuits, like one involving the biggest ice makers in the country.


Arctic Ice, Reddy Ice and others were sued over alleged price fixing and artificially keeping bagged ice prices high.
They settled that suit and now you are entitled to some cash back. If you bought bagged ice between 2001 and 2008, you could get $6 even if you didn't keep your receipt.

if you happen to have kept your receipt, you may be entitled to a larger payout.

View more about the bagged ice settlement .


How about $100 back after Fitflop Footwear settled claims about some of their shoes?
"One of the many companies out there claiming health benefits that may not actually deliver," said Scott Hardy with topclassactions.com , in regards to the settled lawsuit.
The settlement means customers can get between $25 and $100 if you bought certain shoes within the last seven years.
You don't need proof for the smaller amount, but can get more money if you kept your receipt.
Find out more about the Fitflop settlement.


Trader Joe's has settled accusations of deceptively labeling certain foods as "all natural" or "100% natural."
If you bought certain cookies or other products in the last seven years you may qualify for some cash back.
If you don't have your receipt, you can collect $30. If you saved your receipts that show you purchased more than 10 items, you may be entitled to a large refund.
Find out more about the Trader Joe's settlement.


Did you buy pet food at Costco?
Costco and Diamond Pet Foods sold at Costco were sued over accusations that certain products led to the illness or death of some animals.
Their class-action settlement means if you bought the pet food between 2011-2012, you can get back the cost of two bags with no proof of purchase, more if you kept your receipt.
Find out more about the Costco/Diamond Pet Foods settlement


We're all about sunscreen here in the Valley.
Two years ago, certain Banana Boat Ultra Mist sunscreens were pulled from shelves because of a possible fire risk if the sunscreen made contact with a source of ignition.
Now, the company has settled a class-action lawsuit over compensation.
You can claim discounts on other Banana Boat products without a receipt. Consumers can score up to $20 with a receipt.
Find out more about the Banana Boat settlement.


If you took out an adjustable rate mortgage with Bank of America, there may be money for you, too.
B of A settled a class-action lawsuit over allegations of not reporting certain mortgage interest to the IRS, that had actually been paid by mortgage holders.
If you had one of these mortgages over the last five years, you could claim at least $40. You are required to show proof of the loan to claim this settlement.
Find out more about the Bank of America settlement

In settling these class action suits, none of the companies admitted any wrongdoing. 
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