Let Joe Know: 3 class-action settlements that could mean extra money for you

Do you want to make some money?

Stupid question right.

While I usually tell you to avoid all free offers and nothing is really free, this time is different.

If you qualify, there could be money involved, because you already paid.

I’m talking about class action lawsuit settlements.

If you have a computer, a game system or even a cell phone, you could be getting some money back.

Did you ever use a weight loss supplement called Hydroxycut?

That could mean money too.

Let's start with Hydroxycut.

It's a big name in the weight loss industry with protein, pills and powders.

In the past, the Food and Drug Administration warned consumers of serious health concerns involving some of the products.

Now there's a class action settlement over Hydroxycut's alleged claims.

Scott Hardy follows these settlements as part of topclassactions.com .

He says the lawsuit allegations are that Hydroxycut claimed "great health benefits and  weight loss when in fact, there wasn't much scientific proof of that."

While the makers of Hydroxycut claim no wrongdoing, the settlement could mean full refunds if you have receipts.

With no proof, you can still get refunds for two products which could mean more than $50.

Check out details and deadlines about the Hydroxycut settlement.

If you bought clothes at Talbots, with a credit card, and you first used it between June 2012 and February of 2013, get ready for a few bucks. 

They settled a class action lawsuit over allegations that the company didn't include the right disclosures on the credit card statement.

Talbots claimed no wrongdoing.

The settlement is not much, but expect a check or credit for $3.70 sometime soon.

So, make sure they have your correct address!

Price fixing is the allegation in a class action lawsuit involving the manufacturers of DRAM chips.

They're used in most electronics you have in your house right now, including  video game consoles, tablets,  cell phones, computers, laptops, even printers.

Think back. If you bought one between 1998 and 2002, this settlement could mean between $10 to $1,000! 

And no proof is required.

But you're warned to keep any documentation you may have in case the claims administrator asks.

Check details about the DRAM settlement.

The makers of DRAM chips admitted no wrongdoing.

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