Is the Walmart $1,000 gift card offer a scam or legitimate?

Have you received a text message saying you won a Walmart gift card?

The company does offer a legitimate chance at a $1,000 gift card if you fill out a certain survey, but the ABC15 Investigators found the gift card text is a scam that has nothing to do with Walmart.

Many people in the Valley are getting that text.

In the span of five minutes on my ABC15 Facebook page , 10 people said they or someone they know received the message.

Walmart said the text scam requires people to enter private information, credit card or Social Security numbers on a website, which could lead to theft or fraud.

Walmart said that a website called is the most common site for this. 

We found that site in an internet search, but couldn't open it.

If the site is closed, there could be another open at any time. So, don't answer any text from a number you don't recognize.

Now some good news.

Walmart does offer a chance for a legitimate $1,000 gift card.

You have to fill out an online customer service survey found on their site using a transaction number from your Walmart receipt.

Walmart said it does not ask for any personal information and they notify winners by mail, not by text.

Read more about the text scam on Walmart's website. To report any other scams you find, visit the Federal Trade Commission.

Email me with any consumer scam you see or tell me about it on my ABC15 Facebook page .

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