Is Phoenix water line warranty legitimate or not? Let Joe know finds the answer

A new possible scam that has popped up across the Valley may even cause the best scam detectives to take a second look.
Nelson is Phoenix wrote to me about a warranty for water service lines.
In an email, Nelson writes, " we are again getting offers to warranty water service lines. The cost is $69 per year and the come on clearly is an attempt to panic. They have a city of Phoenix logo on the letter as if it's being promoted by the city."
So, scam or no scam? Surprisingly, it's NOT a scam.
The letter states that "homeowners in the city of Phoenix are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the outside water service line" to their house.
The warranty is $4.50 a month or $49 a year. It covers repair costs up to $4,000 per incident.
It is a real warranty program and the company, Service Line Warranties of American, is endorsed by the city of Phoenix.
The company even scores an A+ by the Better Business Bureau.
The next question that you may want to ask is, "Do I need it?" That's up to you. 
It's important to know the history and condition of the water lines outside your home. Nelson feels the copper line from his house will last a while.
Make sure to do your research.
Here's more information about the City of Phoenix's water line warranty.
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