Is another business linked to closed wedding video company?

Erini and Adam Braddock of Goodyear thought they were going to get their wedding video any day.

"They said, 'yeah, we're going to give you the video, give us the address,'" Erini says.

But like many other couples, they never got it.

"My dad had been very ill for a very long time. He had a heart transplant and was able to walk me down the aisle and dance with me. I don't have anything to remind me," Erini told me.

For more than a month, we've been talking to couples who are missing their wedding videos.


Many of them hired Urbane Wedding Company.

But the Phoenix business closed.

Then, former Urbane freelance workers saw our reports, and brought us video from 170 weddings.

Ever since, we've been trying to match the videos with the couples across the country

So, what happened to Urbane Wedding Company?  

Chad Koerber owned the business while many of the missing videos were shot.

But in June, state records show Yusuf Joseph took over the trade name.

He canceled it just 17 days later.

Most of the couples e-mailing us about missing videos, were married while Koerber still owned Urbane.

Eleven of them say they were married last year and still didn't have their video by the time Koerber sold in June.

Joseph declined to appear on camera.

We've tried repeatedly to ask Chad Koerber about this. We can't find him.

But in a new twist, Erini Braddock may know where he was.

She didn't hire Urbane.

She hired another local wedding videography business called Tie Knot Films. Their web address listed is

Erini says when she wanted to meet with someone from Tie Knot Films, she was told she could meet with their owner, Chad.

No last name was given.

In an e-mail to a different bride, Tie Knot Films says Urbane edits their video.

But in e-mails to different brides, it seems the relationship is closer.

One bride says she hired Tie Knot Films. But her payment receipt from Paypal shows "Urbane media."

Another bride asks Tie Knot Films: "Are you by chance in business with Urbane Wedding?"

The e-mail answer is: "Yes, we are the same company. The difference is the number of videographers."

The e-mail shows the sender is Christopher Collins of Tie Knot Films.

But on an e-mail from another bride, Collins is listed as working for Urbane Wedding Media.

We asked Tie Knot Films if the business was ever owned or operated by Chad Koerber.

We did not get a response to that question.

Even though Erini hired Tie Knot Films, her video was part of what the former Urbane workers brought to us.

And we were able to help the Braddocks relive some special memories.

For Erini, that was the walk down the aisle with her dad.

"He said don't cry, you're not going anywhere. We'll always be right here."

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