IRS scam makes a comeback, new scheme centers around fake tax return audit

Tax season is done but scammers aren't giving up trying to use the IRS to scare some money out of you.

A lot of you have let me know about the calls and just how much they sound like the real thing.

These scammers are using one of our biggest fears against us--the IRS.

Earlier this year, scammers were trying to convince you there was a problem with your refund, now it’s the fake audit department hunting you down.

Diane from Mesa got the call and says "the person made insinuations that I was guilty of tax evasion and that I needed to contact them immediately to prevent being arrested."

And if they can't get you on the phone, they'll leave a message like they did for Yolanda Brown.

She says that she called them back and "they are claiming that I owe them back taxes." I told the man that answered I knew that was a scam and he hung up on me."

Good for you Yolanda, way to call him out.

But here's the scary part: while the IRS does not send emails, they really do use phone calls to notify you about an audit.

Their website also says if they call, they will send a letter as confirmation.

I don't know about you but that not very reassuring for me.

My advice? Regardless of whether you think the call is legitimate or not, do not give any personal information over the phone.

Hang up. Then go straight to so you can find a number to the proper people.

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