How to get the best customer service: Keep your cool, mind your manners

PHOENIX - With so many options in the marketplace, customer service really can set a business apart.

But so many times, it's the consumer who ends up having a breakdown.

One guy let loose on a customer service agent in a call that went viral earlier this year.

"I've been on the phone 3 hours trying to reach her, and every time i call that (expletive) number, I get your department!"

It's inevitable.

You're going to need help from a customer service representative at some point this holiday season.

So we went to the experts to find out how you can ensure that you get the best service possible.

Clark and Carol Sarver own a customer service call center.

They say to keep your mouth in check, because you will get better service if you stay calm.

"Our agents are human beings, they don't like to be yelled at," said Clark.

Feel like you are going round and round with a representative?

The Sarvers say to ask for a supervisor -- before you've had an outburst.

And yes, supervisors do exist.

They also suggest that you avoid calling during peak times, which include the day after a holiday or during lunch time.

If you're struggling to reach a live person, checkout the website

It lists phone numbers, real time wait times, unlisted company numbers, even short cuts through the phone maze for thousands of companies.  

So you can get your customer service issue resolved, faster.

If you still can't get any satisfaction, try contact through social media.

More and more companies are tracking complaints that way.

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