Hotshot fiancée gets money back after trying to return wedding dress

An Arizona woman's fiancé died in June, and she had a tough time getting a refund on her wedding dress.

But he was not just any fiancé. He was Wade Parker, a hotshot firefighter and one of the 19 killed fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire on June 30.

For seven years, since she was a freshman in high school, Alicia Owens said she and Parker were a couple.

"He had such a loving, caring personality," Owens said.

They planned on getting married this October. Then the fire changed everything.

Two months later, Owens said she has good and bad days. "I'm doing OK. It's tough. It's hard, but you have to stay positive and keep going."

It isn't easy with all of the reminders.

Owens and her family have spent the last few weeks cancelling her wedding. That means calling the venue, the DJ and all of the people hired for her big day.

They've been able to get refunds from most of them. But Owens said the wedding dress shop has "been pretty difficult."

She spent $1,900 and bought the custom dress from Kaira's Bridal and Tuxedo Superstore in Phoenix.

Owens said her mom tried to get a refund weeks ago. But so far, she said the dress shop has been unwilling to give her money back.

I called Kaira's owner Tammy Malone. She told me there are no refunds on custom orders.

She said while she'd like to give the money back because of the circumstances, she can't afford it now.

Owens said "it wasn't my plan to not get married. I would have loved to have it."

Malone did offer to try and sell the dress in her store and give Owens the money when it sold. But there were no guarantees.

So we visited Kaira's to try and explain the situation further.

Minutes after we arrived, Malone arrived. And this time, she had some good news.

"We are going to be giving her a full refund on her dress," she said.

Malone said she hasn't been in her business as frequently lately because she is moving.

She said she didn't know that Alicia's family called weeks ago and that she just heard about it this week.

"We are very saddened of the situation and what happened," she said.

Malone said she worked out an agreement with the dressmaker and together they came up with the money for the refund.

Owens said she's happy and finally able to move on.

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