Have a dent in your car? Valley man warns others about repairman posing as DentPro employee

Chase Anderson had a few cracks in his bumpers from years of living in rough-and-tumble Alaska while he served in the military.

He had always meant to go get them fixed, so when he and his wife were approached by a Valley man who said he could fix them, he was happily surprised.

They were leaving a Costco parking lot at the time, Anderson said, and the man said he worked at a local dent repair shop called DentPro .

"He just pulled up and asked if we needed our bumpers repaired," Anderson said. "He gave us a quote for $350."

Anderson thought it was a good price, so they let him follow them to their house. He got to work right away.

"Seemed like he knew what he was doing," Anderson said. "Turns out, he didn't."


The worker covered the areas he had worked on with what he called a protective wax, Anderson said. He told them not to wash it off for 24 hours.

But when Anderson washed it off the next morning, he wasn't expecting what he saw. "My car was actually worse than it was before," he said.

The man had sanded down the finish to the plastic, Anderson said, and covered it with primer. The cracks were still there, so he called DentPro and asked them to send him back out to fix the work he'd done.


Todd DeSmidt, the owner of DentPro, said this type of thing has been happening for years.

Other people have complained about repairmen posing as his employees. They've called saying "the job was done incorrectly and they wanted us to fix it," DeSmidt said.

DeSmidt said they have to tell the callers they didn't have anything to do with it.

It makes his company look bad, and costs consumers who are scammed a lot more than they bargained for.

Anderson said he called the number the man gave him, but it was a fake. Now, he thinks he'll have to pay for two new bumpers to get rid of the damage.

"It seemed too good to be true," Anderson said of the ordeal, "and it turned out to be that way."


So, a warning: Watch out for any business that solicits you, especially in a parking lot. DentPro wants you to know that none of their employees will ever try to solicit you. Plus, they'll always show up in a marked car and be wearing a DentPro t-shirt.

Also, remember to research before you hire anyone. DeSmidt said if Anderson had called and asked if this guy worked for them before paying him, he wouldn't be out all that money.

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