Free grant offers and bogus credit card charges have Valley residents complaining

Have you received calls about free government grants?
Did you see unfamiliar charges on your credit card?
Was there an email from your bank in your inbox?
All of these are the latest scams being seen in the Valley.
And they're just variations of scams that have been around for years.
If you need another reason to check your credit card statement, keep reading.
Penny wrote me saying, "I just had some unauthorized charges." 
She says it started with $1.00, then $39.28 and $42.51."
They key is that $1 charge and a quick internet search shows it's an old scam..
Now, gas stations sometimes charge a buck to see if the card is good. 
But that is why scammers use it too.
So question anything similar.
Imagine getting a call from the United States government.
Cindy from Buckeye tells me they wanted to give her a grant for $700 because she had "no criminal record, no bankruptcy, (and she was) paying taxes on time."
I called and got a guy who says yes, there is free money.
But even the Federal Trade Commission warns about this one.
They demand a "processing fee," and give you nothing in return.
And Patricia says her bank wanted her "user name, passwords, Social Security number and drivers license" because of a security issue.
Banks never operate that way. 
If you think there's an issue, call the bank, don't click on unfamiliar links.
Call the Assistance League of Phoenix volunteers Wednesdays and Fridays 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at 1-855-323-1515. You can leave a message anytime.
You can also e-mail me with any problem or "like" my Let Joe Know Facebook page and tell me about it there.
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